My convictions My love of sailing is what makes me passionate about my job but that isn’t the only reason. I draw my energy from this ever increasing will to provide efficient solutions to all problems and be the source of continuous optimisation, whether ahead of a long running project, or in the heat of the action, when a complicated subject arises.

Naval engineering

get link My naval engineer’s position is constantly renewed throughout the projects, the programmes of boats on which I work and their goals. The complexity of problems, the need for tailor-made solutions and fast and efficient answers are as many dimensions which spice up my naval engineer’s job every day.

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Dimension Yacht Engineering imension Yacht Engineering is a design office whose main activity is marine engineering. We offer complete mechanical studies, a project management service and building follow-up.

My training

Buy Zolpidem Tartrate 10 Mg Studies aimed at marine construction and composite materials implementation.

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Passion for sailing

Ambien Buying My passion for sailing led me down the road of marine construction. Being just as passionate today, I enjoy working on construction projects. Since I love uniting the technical and practical sides, I am committed to the Team Flying Frogs, an atypical team on the Flying Phantom circuit. .